Amira Mesh Reader / Writer

Author: Johannes Schindelin (Johannes.Schindelin at GMX.DE)
History: 2006/09/29: Fixed parsing of colour values
2006/05/24: First public version
Limitation: Does not read / write surface files
Source: Included in AmiraMesh_.jar. It uses JZLib, a Java version of ZLib (see for the source code).
Installation: Download AmiraMesh_.jar and jzlib-1.0.7.jar to the plugins folder, or subfolder, restart ImageJ, and there will be two new commands in the Plugins menu, "AmiraMeshReader" and "AmiraMeshWriter".
Description: These plugins read and save images in the AmiraMesh file format. If the loaded file is a label field, the LUT is also extracted from the file.

You can try it with a regular 3d stack, or with a Labelfield.

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