Install Java3D

Author: Benjamin Schmid(Bene.Schmid at
History: 2007/05/03: First public version
Installation: Download Install_Java3D.jar to the plugins folder, or subfolder, restart ImageJ, and there will be a new command in the Plugins menu, "Install Java3D".

Installation of Java3D

Before you start off, you might want to ensure that Java3D isn't already installed on your system. Download Java3Dexample.jar and start it (double-click on Windows or Mac, java -jar Java3Dexample.jar from a console under Linux). If you can see a rotating cube and no error or exception pops up, you are fine. If this is not the case, continue here.

Before starting the plugin, download the zip file corresponding to your operatingvisit system from here to an arbitrary directory on your computer.

Now start the "Install Java3D" plugin. A dialog appears, informing you about detected Java Runtime Environments. They are determined by the system property "java.home". Click the button and select the downloaded zip file, then click OK. The contents of the zip file are saved to the correct places within the detected JRE. If everything went right, you are finished.

Please note: Depending on ImageJ's installation directory and the Java installation directory, you might need administration preveleges to write to the JRE directory. If you are not administrator of the computer you are using, please contact your system administrator.

If the above doesn't work for you, you might want to install Java3D manually. For a manual installation of Java3D, unzip the downloaded zip file. You will find a README file which guides you through some easy steps.

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