Leica Tiff Reader / Writer

Author: Johannes Schindelin (Johannes.Schindelin at GMX.DE)
Benjamin Schmid (bene.schmid at gmail.com)
History: 2006/10/02: First public version
Source: Included in Leica_IO.jar.
Installation: Download Leica_IO.jar to the plugins folder, or subfolder, restart ImageJ, and there will be two new commands in the Plugins menu, "Leica SP Reader" and "Leica SP Writer".
Description: These plugins read and save images in the Leica tiff format. It is an extenstion of the already available Leica SP Reader. This version, however, did not support splitting of Leica tiffs written with the newer generation of the Leica software, while the here offered plugin does. Beside that, it also allows to choose two images and save them as two channels of a Leica tiff.

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