Nomenclature of the Drosophila Neuropiles

During the amplification of the Drosophila standard brain within the scope of standardising and comparing Gal4 expression patterns the need for a standardised nomenclature of all neuropils arose. There are a couple of works on the neuroanatomy of the Drosophila brain. But because their focused interest on specific neuropils there is no overall nomenclature for the neuropils of the Drosophila brain available.

By merging the existing nomenclatures and adapting names from neuroanatomical studies on other species we are labelling and naming the neuropils of the Drosophila brain in high resolution. This approach is implemented on the base of immunohistochemical wholemount preparations with the unspecific neuropil marker nc82 and serial confocal laser scanning micrographs. For a gain on the reliability numerous brains were labelled. An enhanced version of the Drosophila standard brain with all neuropils labelled will be available soon.