ImageJ 3D Viewer

Using the 3D viewer as an ImageJ plugin

The ImageJ 3D viewer provides a plugin for ImageJ to visualize image stacks three-dimensionally. The most important features include:

The demo movie below shows a demonstration of how to display an MRI stack of a human head. More screencasts can be found and FAQs about the usage of the viewer can be found in the documentation section.

Using the 3D viewer as a programming library

The viewer can not only be used as an application, but can also be utilized from other Java programs, especially ImageJ plugins, as a library. It offers a well-documented API for high-level 3D visualization.

Displaying an image stack three-dimensional is a matter of a few lines of code:

      // Open image
      ImagePlus imp = IJ.openImage("/path/to/image");

      // Create a universe and show it
      Image3DUniverse univ = new Image3DUniverse();;

      // Add the image as an isosurface
      Content c = univ.addVoltex(imp);

There exists a series of HowTo's, which explain - based on example code - how different tasks can be done. The HowTo's can be found in the documentation section.