How to highlight named points of a Content

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You can download example source code for this HowTo here. Each Content owns a list of named points, which may e.g. be used to mark specific positions with a Content. By default, the point list is not shown, but it can be switched on, which displays the points as spheres in the universe and opens a dialog showing a list of the points. The following example shows how to retrieve the point list of a Content and add a few points:
	// Add the image as a volume
	Content c = univ.addVoltex(imp);

	// Make the point list visible

	// Retrieve the point list
	PointList pl = c.getPointList();

	// Add a few points
	pl.add(190, 450, 170);

	pl.add(330, 370, 300);

	pl.add(430, 90, 150);
The coordinates specified to create a new point are local coordinates of the corresponding Content. Sometimes, it's convenient to select a point on the surface of a Content at a specific canvas position. This is also possible, by using the Picker class. A reference to a Picker object can be obtained from the universe:
	// Add a point at a specific canvas position
	univ.getPicker().addPoint(c, 256, 256);
The points have a default size, which can be changed:
	// Change the size of the points
	float curr = c.getLandmarkPointSize();
	c.setLandmarkPointSize(curr * 2);
To delete the first point in the list;
	// delete the first point
To rename a point:
	// rename the now first point
	pl.rename(pl.get(0), "newName");
To change the position of a point:
	// change the position of the now first point
	pl.placePoint(pl.get(0), 190, 450, 170);

Important methods regarding landmark points

Important methods are found in and
	public void showPointList(boolean b);

	public PointList getPointList();

	public void loadPointList();

	public void savePointList();

	public float getLandmarkPointSize();

	public void setLandmarkPointSize(float r);
	public void add(BenesNamedPoint point);

	public void add(String name, double x, double y, double z);

	public void add(double x, double y, double z);

	public void remove(BenesNamedPoint point);

	public void remove(int i);

	public void clear();

	public void rename(BenesNamedPoint point, String name);

	public void up(BenesNamedPoint point);

	public void down(BenesNamedPoint point);

	public void highlight(BenesNamedPoint p);

	public void placePoint(BenesNamedPoint point,
				double x, double y, double z);

	public BenesNamedPoint get(int index);

	public int indexOf(BenesNamedPoint p);

	public int indexOfPointAt(double x, double y, double z, double tol);

	public BenesNamedPoint pointAt(double x, double y, double z, double tol);

	public int size();

	public BenesNamedPoint get(String name);

	public Iterator iterator();
Both and provide a save() and load() method, but it is highly recommended to use that of