Source for the thorax example

You can download the complete source here: Next to the source class itself,, it contains the compiled class file, the required jar files (ij.jar, ImageJ_3D_Viewer.jar) and the required resource files (thorax.tif and

An explanation of the source code can be found in Supplementary.pdf


To compile the source code, go to the folder in which you unzipped Then issue the following command
~$ javac -cp .:ij.jar:ImageJ_3D_Viewer.jar


To run the program, again ensure that you are in the folder in which you unpacked Issue:
~$ java -cp .:ij.jar:ImageJ_3D_Viewer.jar Editable_Volume

Running via Java webstart

You can also run the application conveniantly via webstart: thorax.jnlp

Demo movie